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The impact of the downing of Flight PS752 by Iranian missiles dominated Canadian politics this weekend. The stories of the victims took centre stage as new details surrounding the circumstances of the incident emerged daily. This week on CBC News Network’s Sunday Scrum, the panel discusses the domestic and international implications of theRead More →

“Events, dear boy, events.” So said our very smart power panellist, and senior writer for Maclean’s, Paul Wells early last week when he quoted British prime minister Harold Macmillan — the man credited with making that line famous. The quote is said to be the answer to a question putRead More →

The Trudeau government has long characterized it as a dispassionate policy exercise drawing on expert evidence. But the political drumbeats are growing louder — at home and abroad — as the federal Liberals come closer to deciding whether to let a Chinese telecom firm help build Canada’s next-generation mobile networks. The developmentRead More →

When Finance Minister Bill Morneau introduced a motion earlier this month to keep the Liberals’ election pledge to cut income taxes for the middle class, he called the measure “significant” and said it would impact 20 million Canadians. But most Canadians would have to have to study their pay stubs very closely after Jan. 1 to detectRead More →

The Chinese embassy is taking a swing at “some Canadian politicians” over what it describes as “erroneous remarks” about the relationship between the two countries and the cases of two Canadians detained in China. The statement posted on the embassy’s website doesn’t specify the politicians or exact comments. But itRead More →