While doctors removed a rare parasite growing on Cassidy Armstrong’s liver before it killed her, she doesn’t know if she’ll receive the medication she’ll need for the rest of her life. Her temporary supply of the drug is running out and she’s still waiting for Health Canada to provide long-term access.  “I just hadRead More →

Psychics, astrologers and other impeccable internet sources tell us 2020 promises to be an interesting year in which, “animals tell us what they think,” the world “becomes one country,” and Trump speaks “only nonsense.” I suppose only two of those are actually predictions while the other one is a sad statement ofRead More →

Blood, vomit and amniotic fluid — it’s all part of a day’s work for Michele Schlodder. The former paramedic is a technologist at NAIT’s Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation, where she creates hyper-realistic training scenarios that mimic health-care emergencies. She does moulage: using makeup to create gory wounds to go along with the scenarios.Read More →

Greta Thunberg travelled to Fort McMurray Friday, following her speech at a large rally in Edmonton. The climate activist arrived in northern Alberta Friday night for a private meeting with Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam. “We talked about what was going on in our region,” said Adam. “Where we come from,Read More →

Organic waste from Edmonton could help transform the landscape surrounding an Alberta coal mine into a thriving crop of willows. The reclamation experiment will use treated Edmonton sewage sludge to replenish soil at the Paintearth mine near Forestburg, a village 180 kilometres southeast of the city. The nutrient-enhanced soil, inRead More →

The Alberta government is considering building a caribou-rearing facility near Grande Cache, east of the Rockies, as part of a plan to protect the endangered animals.  The construction of the 48-square-kilometre facility is scheduled to begin this winter, according to a document obtained by CBC News. It will be part of a five-year pilot project.  TheRead More →

WestJet is at the centre of a federal transportation inquiry after an Edmonton couple was bumped off a flight last month without being informed.  The federal tribunal tasked with overseeing air transportation says the inquiry will examine whether parts of WestJet policies are “just and reasonable” and whether they alignRead More →